DAOstar One is a roundtable of key organizations in the DAO ecosystem. We build interoperable standards and other public infrastructure for DAOs and DAO tooling.

The next roundtable meeting is on May 6, 2022 at 11am ET / 4pm UTC.

Meetings & Recordings

Working papers

EIP-4824: DAO API [Working Paper]

Membership via Attestations [Working Paper]



How it happened

A group of DAO folks from Aragon, Moloch, Gnosis, Abridged, Tally, and Metagov were chatting at MCON 2021 and someone asked, “wait, hasn’t someone already built a standard for DAOs?” When we realized that the answer was “no”, we decided to start building it. The roundtable emerged out of the effort to build the standard.

<aside> 💡 “Let’s challenge each other not to build empires.” - Spencer Graham @ Roundtable #1


Roundtable details

Each roundtable meeting includes representatives from key organizations in the DAO ecosystem, and each organization can send up to two representatives per meeting. Since DAOstar One focuses on building technical standards, we highly recommend that one representatives be a technical person such as a software developer, data scientist, or engineer. The roundtable meets monthly.


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