DAOstar One is a roundtable of key organizations in the DAO ecosystem. We build interoperable standards and other public infrastructure for DAOs and DAO tooling.



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Working papers

EIP-4824: Common Interfaces for DAOs (a.k.a. DAOIP-2)

DAOIP-3: Attestations for DAOs

DAOIP-4: Proposal Types

Regulatory Interoperability WG: Open Notes

Reports & Articles

DAOstar #1: Challenges for DAO Governance Tools

How to adopt EIP-4824



How it happened

A group of DAO folks from Aragon, Moloch, Gnosis, Abridged, Tally, and Metagov were chatting at MCON 2021 and someone asked, “wait, hasn’t someone already built a standard for DAOs?” When we realized that the answer was “no”, we decided to start building it. The roundtable emerged out of the effort to build the standard.

<aside> 💡 “Let’s challenge each other not to build empires.” - Spencer Graham @ Roundtable #1


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